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Adventure :: Experience :: Responsibility

This story crystallised after going for a last-minute backcountry ski the other day (late October) at Mt Hotham, in Australia’s Victorian Alps. Most of the time, people would say ‘you can’t go skiing at Hotham in late October!’. Well, you can. If you really want to. …it’s just a little different from what your regular […]

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Memoirs of a crappy telemark skier, part 1

We all start at the beginning, and get better at stuff. …and it sucks when we start something new, and we suck at stuff again. This is the story of me and telemark skiing. I used to snowboard, a lot! I thought I was amazing at it, but the reality was that I was OK […]


Hiatus, change…

Tools for the revolution has been in a bit of a hiatus lately. I’ve got heaps of half bake ideas drifting around I’d like to explore and write about – but putting fingers to keys is less easy. It’s a drift away from bikes dominating my life I suppose – but then, TFTR was never […]