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Toolsfortherevolution was originally created to support a high end bicycle maintenance and sales business which would have carried the same name. The whole concept was to set up a small shop next to a bespoke coffee roaster, build everything with love and attention, focus on delivering great service rather than volume. The whole model was that if you want us to sell you a bike or look after yours, you come for a ride with us, we get to know you and your bike, and go from there. We’re also there to help everyone, so volunteerism / helping at repair cafes / hosting free repair mornings etc were all part of the model.

…but it evolved.

This website has come to focus on living intentionally, purposefully renewing and improving ourselves and our planet. It is still also all about skis, bikes, adventures, underpants and socks – and how we can use these as tools for our personal revolutions.

…with a decidedly pragmatic flavour. Evolution comes from all kinds of places. Revolutions happen every day. With this in mind Toolsfortherevolution will be a mixed bag of content and ideas – the trail mix of adventuring, philosophy and life. Sometimes you’ll read about geopolitics, other times the wonder of a new type of chain on a bicycle or changing running shoes.

Whatever turns up here will always be free, and ad-free. We rely on supporters for help when it is needed – please feel free to chip in using this Paypal link.

I also write “we” a lot even though this is really just me. If you want to do some collaborative writing get in touch – I don’t want you to write for free, so my response might be ‘great! Lets work on something for when I have money to pay you for this’. Exposure is something you die from and you should be paid for your work – this isn’t your pet project. Also, if you want to hire me to write stuff I’d love to hear from you!

Ultimately, I hope this place helps lead you to your own evolution – and revolutions! In multiple small and large ways, every day.

With thanks and love,


adam – at –