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Hiatus, change…

  • adam 

Tools for the revolution has been in a bit of a hiatus lately. I’ve got heaps of half bake ideas drifting around I’d like to explore and write about – but putting fingers to keys is less easy. It’s a drift away from bikes dominating my life I suppose – but then, TFTR was never meant to be just a bike web site. It was meant to have an attached actual bike business  – but that hasn’t panned out either. Been saying ‘I’ll get that truing stand and torque wrench set next year’ for a few years now.

Hiatus. Plans hung up on a hook for a while. Time to stop chasing every butterfly, focus on the important one, and put everything else away.

In the meantime, I’ve left another job as an employee, and been handed an opportunity to work as a freelance geospatialista (see for the forseeable future. Which is awesome! I may finally actually get the workshop going as well!

Change. If we don’t change, we’re not truly alive.

Which is actually what this web site is all about. We are the tools for our own evolution, our own revolution. I’ve been forgetting that recently – and as a consequence, typing away at this website has felt pretty fraudulent. Until now.

Hiatus, change. Tools we can use to fuel our revolution. While building a bicycle business is still on a hook somewhere, this website will be a little more active as I move into a new phase of life. Maybe not about bikes – but to repeat myself one more time; the tools for our revolution can come from surprising places…

The pseudo-sales-pitch

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If you find the content here useful to your self-discovery, business or entertainment, you can support production of more stories and open source geo-magick via Paypal; or hire me to do stuff; or invite me to come and talk to a bunch of you about anything here. Enjoy!