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Humble pie, and how to eat it.

  • adam 

A few weeks ago now, I got involved in an online discussion about fork valving modification. I proposed a shim stack change, which would theoretically reduce high speed compression damping for the fork involved, aiming to make it a bit more sensitive to small bumps.

What I actually proposed was a modification to the mid valve shim stack, which, well, was actually a really awful idea (very few people actually want less mid stroke support). Fortunately I was quickly corrected and took down all my posts on the topic.

So this is my confession. And what did I learn from the experience?

  1. read the manual
  2. read it again, properly this time
  3. test any modifications myself before recommending them to anyone
  4. let the real pros (eg Cyclinic, NS Dynamics, Vorsprung, TFT) do suspension valving changes

I’ll still service bouncy parts, but I’ll leave messing with valving to the experts.