A bicycle is more than an object. It’s a transformative technology, a tool for your own evolution, and a tool for the evolution of how we interact with our world. The key questions, when considering cycling as a pastime or a way to get from A to B are: how is this going to help me evolve? what will I learn about myself and my world by committing to journey by bicycle?

Skis and rock climbing equipment are the same – tools to help us evolve in ways which we are not certain about when we start out.

If that resonates with you, fantastic! The underlying principle here is that a bike is an investment in life.

If that sounds like a pile of wank, then I ask you to consider – why do you ride a bike? or ski? or climb? or, in fact, get out of bed?

What is it for? what motivates you to undertake an activity that isn’t always fun, isn’t always pleasant, isn’t always comfortable? …and why do we do these things even when we don’t have to?

Sure, there are rewards – a beautiful adrenaline rush, an ego boost, fitness. The more interesting part lies beneath.

Hopefully the answers will surprise you.

What are the tools for your revolutions? Hopefully whatever turns up here will inspire you to find them.