Right now, the workshop is not ready – and neither is the mechanic. Post-PhD submission burnout is in full effect and pretty much just keeping the in house fleet going is the priority.

Here is what the blurb here would normally say about fixing bikes, since this was all set up with a cottage industry in mind:


Tools for the [r]evolution can help you with your bicycling journey. I’ve got a lifetime of cycling experience, plus at least two years full time on the tools as a bicycle mechanic. That’s burned in some pretty solid skills, tips and tricks for keeping a bike rolling.

However – I don’t want to work on random walk in bikes. I don’t have time, and neither do you. If you’re interested in building a relationship, having fun, and riding bikes – come for a ride, have a chat over coffee or a beer. 

I want to get to know your bike, how you ride it, and how you expect it to feel. I also want you to get to know me – what I can do, what I can’t do, what I’m good at, and what I’m not. Like all humans, I’ll screw things up every now and then. So I want to start a conversation around bikes with the people I help out, and bed in some expectations.

So go and read the philosophy page. If that sounds OK, we’ll see what we can do.