Toolsfortherevolution was meant to be about bikes. But it’s more than that! Lots more. It’s about revolutions and transformations – ones we can have every day.

I’m happy to talk bikes with you – but I want to introduce a new concept:

Purposeful rewilding

…wait what? What on earth is purposeful rewilding?

Normally, we don’t go outside much. Heaps of us don’t. Even when we can.

And when we do, we favour canned experiences: A ski resort trip, a cruise, a package deal of some kind. With photos, videos and an instagram breadcrumb trail to accompany it all. So we experience things, but we don’t fully engage with them! And we have some kind of return on investment transaction happening in our subconscious.

When do we ever adventure just because? When do we choose to properly escape our bubble of comfort and distraction?

Purposeful rewilding aims to help with that. To help people reconnect with wild space, to leave the cameras and phones behind, to fully engage in all that getting wild really means, to journey for the sake of journeying and nothing else. To get uncomfortable in order to create change.

Stay tuned for more as the concept develops – and please drop me a line if the idea of getting yourself, or your workplace team purposefully uncomfortable in order to create change sounds great!